• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Voice Plus Media

Network Connectivity Solution


Shoutcast & Icecast 

  • Full HTTPS support for Shoutcast & Icecast services
  • Stream limits – Bitrate, Connections, Data & more
  • Modern HTML5 Audio Player with album covers
  • GeoIP Country Locking
  • Dedicated Station page
  • Station & Listener Statistics
  • Media File Manager & FTP Support
  • English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech & Polish language support.

Powerful Audio Streaming 



Shoutcast v1 & v2

Shoutcast is an age-old industry standard audio streaming server, it powers a large portion of online audio streaming. We support all major versions 1.9.8, 2.5 and the latest 2.6.



Icecast 2 & KH

Icecast is an open-source streaming media server that provides similar functionality to Shoutcast servers. Icecast KH is actively maintained and offers newer features.



Liquidsoap AutoDJ

Our primary AutoDJ solution is powered by Liquidsoap, a very actively maintained streaming language that provides great autodj & transcoding features.


Modern HTML5 Audio Player

Our software offers a modern audio player that includes the following features:

  • MP3 / AAC Support
  • Media Album Cover Art
  • Multiple Mount Points
  • Winamp, VLC, iTunes and more player links

Powerful Auto DJ

Automate your radio station with our powerful playlist manager.
  • General Rotations offer the ability to automatically stream playlists from you library rather than scheduling tracks by hand. Better yet, rotations can be configured with a Playback weight as well as at what times the playlists should play.
  • Scheduled Playlists allows a customer to configure and automatically deploy playlists at a time of their chosing.
  • Play jingles on top of General Rotations or Scheduled Playlists using our Interval Playlist option.
  • Track repeat protection ensures that a single track will never play to close together.

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